Peach Blueberry Trifle

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Pauperism the perfect, refreshing summer afters? Ascertain out this summer peach bush play direction! Trifles are quick and unproblematic to put unitedly, nonnegative they don’t require any preparation skills; all you penury to do is cut and bed product, remove, and dish! Unhurried peasy!
I prefabricated the nevus and shrub variation for a Quartern of July holiday we went to ending gathering, and it was pleasing! Because it was too much impact to make the healthy anomaly detail aquarium, I honorable layered the trifle into writer jars instead. I level a containerful to the jar using a conjoin of thread, tossed a livelong caboodle of jars in a icebox with some ice packs, and it was the perfect Quarter Of July vacation afters!

  • ¼ C plus 2/3 C sugar
  • ¼ C fresh lemon juice
  • ¼ teaspoon almond extract
  • 1 premade angel food cake
  • 1 pound cream cheese (at room temperature)
  • 2 C heavy cream (at room temperature)
  • 3 C blueberries
  • 3 peaches
  1. Pull out the cream cheese and heavy cream and let them sit on the counter while you prepare the rest of the trifle.
  2. Heat the lemon juice, ¼ C sugar, and ¼ C of water in a small saucepan over medium-high heat. Stir until the sugar dissolves (about five minutes). Remove from heat and stir in the almond extract.
  3. Cut the angel food cake into 1” slices. Generously brush both sides of each slice of cake with the lemon/sugar liquid. Then cut each slice into 1” cubes. (Err on the side of thinner slices and smaller cubes here, you need a lot of cake to make the layers evenly.) If you have extra liquid don’t worry, you can use it up later.
  4. Beat the cream cheese and remaining 2/3 C sugar with a mixer on medium speed until it is smooth. Slowly add in the cream, continuing to beat on medium-high speed until the mixture is smooth and the consistency of whipped cream.
  5. Wash the fruit and cut into small pieces. If you’re using berries they don’t need to be cut, unless they are large.
  6. Arrange 1/3 of the cake cubes into the bottom of a 13 C trifle dish (or a large glass mixing bowl). Sprinkle with a layer of blueberries (about 1/3 of the blueberries) and then scoop about 1/3 of the cream mixture on top. Spread the cream out evenly all the way to the edges of the bowl with a spatula. Top with a layer of peaches (about 1/3), and then add another layer of cake cubes. If you had remaining lemon/sugar liquid, drizzle about half of the liquid over this layer of cake cubes.
  7. Repeat the layers: 1/3 of the blueberries, 1/3 of the cream, 1/3 of the peaches, and finish with the last remaining 1/3 of the cake cubes and the last half of the lemon/sugar liquid. You should have 1/3 of the cream and 1/3 of both fruits left at this point.
  8. Top the last layer of cake cubes with the remaining cream, spread it out evenly, and add all the remaining fruit on top of the last layer of cream.
  9. Cover with saran wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour so that the cream has time to thicken.
  10. When you’re ready to eat it, dish out with a large serving spoon into bowls and enjoy!


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