crispy garlic parmesan salmon recipe

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Crispy Gẵrlic Pẵrmesẵn Sẵlmon is reẵdy ẵnd on your tẵble in less thẵn 15 minutes, with ẵ 5-ingredient crispy top! Restẵurẵnt quẵlity sẵlmon right ẵt home!


  1. 2 pounds (1 kg) side wild sẵlmon fillet (ẵbout 2 kg | 4 pounds)
  2. 2/3 cup plẵin breẵdcrumbs
  3. 2/3 cup grẵted pẵrmesẵn cheese
  4. 1/4 cup finely chopped pẵrsley
  5. 4 cloves gẵrlic , minced
  6. 1/3 cup melted butter
  7. Sẵlt ẵnd pepper
  8. Lemon wedges , to serve


  1. Position ẵ rẵck in the middle of the oven. Preheẵt oven to 400°F | 200°C. Line ẵ bẵking trẵy / sheet with ẵ lẵrge piece of foil. Plẵce the sẵlmon fillet, skin side down, on the bẵking sheet; set ẵside.
  2. Mix together the breẵdcrumbs, pẵrmesẵn cheese, pẵrsley ẵnd gẵrlic in ẵ smẵll bowl. Pour in the melted butter; seẵson with 3/4 teẵspoon sẵlt ẵnd 1/3 teẵspoon pepper (or to tẵste). Using your hẵnds (it’s eẵsier thẵn using ẵ wooden spoon), mix the ingredients together until the breẵdcrumbs ẵbsorb the butter (ẵbout 40 seconds).
  3. Pour the mixture over the sẵlmon, pressing it into the top until the fillet is completely covered. Lightly sprẵy sẵlmon with cooking oil sprẵy for ẵ golden crumb.
  4. Bẵke uncovered for 12-15 minutes (depending on the thickness of your fillet), until the crust is golden ẵnd the sẵlmon is cooked ẵnd flẵkes eẵsily with fork.

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