These are so good served with lots of butter and warm thick syrup OR strawberries and fresh whipped cream!  Also, […]

Donuts are best warm and gooey in my book.  What better way to get ’em that way than to make […]

I have an amazing recipe to share!  My mom use to make this when we were growing up on special […]

I am always on the hunt for new healthy options for meals and snacks for the fam.  I was excited to […]

It happened…our church time got switched to the afternoon. It is always stressful just thinking about trying to deal with […]

I did something for the first time…I put cottage cheese in a smoothie.  I knew it would all taste fine […]

I have been so happy about my progress over the last 7ish weeks.  I followed the 21-Day Fix meal plan […]