I love finding me a good salad recipe!  Thought I’d throw this one in amidst my seriously indulgent December food […]

Say hello to my new obsession!  With the prices of apples lately, I have been buying Granny Smith apples, but […]

I was thinking about Thanksgiving the other day and realized I had never made my own stuffing (dressing to those […]

I LOVE going to pick apples and make apple cider!  I have been trying to find some yummy recipes to […]

  Last year Thanksgiving was spent with my aunt and uncle down in the Carolinas, and my aunt made a […]

First off, I just wanted to let you all know that I am posting over with Kiki today, so click HERE and […]

  Are you loving apple prices as much as I am?!  It’s a great excuse to try out some delicious […]

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